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Online credit limit (status: 29/Jan/2024)
From 01/Apr/2023 an online credit limit of 50% is in place for all study programmes from the Departments Psychology and Linguistics that require credits (= Versuchspersonenstunden). This means that maximally half of the to be earned credits can be acquired from online studies. The departments Psychology and Linguistics reached this decision in March 2023. The credit bonus for lab studies of ½ credit for each lab visit remains.

This regulation is directly implemented on the SONA platform. As a result, participants will only be shown online studies if they do not exceed the online credit limit (or if they will not exceed it by participating in an available study, respectively).
There is still the possibility to participate in online studies even if the online credit limit has been reached. This way, participants can support the research at the University of Potsdam (participation without credit for their study programme) and they are able to participate in paid online studies that offer both methods of reimbursement (money or credit) and therefore are implemented as online credit studies in SONA.
More information on how to do this can be found in the FAQs under the question "Can I continue to participate in online studies even though I have reached my credit (VP-Stunden) limit for online studies?".

Finally, a technical remark:
Online studies with a (live) video-chat appointment (like Zoom) do not count as online studies in SONA! Online studies are only considered those studies for which you can participate at any time. These studies are marked in the title with "[ONLINE]" and only these count for the online credit limit.

By using SONA you can easily collect credits (VP-Stunden) or earn money. You only once need to register in SONA. Once you have done this you can access all currently available studies. You will also informed about new studies and can check in which studies you have already participated.

Familiarise yourself with the SONA functionality  in this YouTube tutorial.

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