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Cindy Ballaschk

Cindy Ballaschk

Academic associate


Campus Golm
Building24, Room 2.64
Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 24-25
14476 Potsdam


consulting hours
after arrangement

Academic and occupational background:

since 12/2023

Research Associate at the Chair of School Development, University of Potsdam


Research Associate & project coordinator at the Chair of Educational and Socialization Theory, University of Potsdam


Practice Coordinator, meco Academy, Berlin

since 05/2015

Ph.D. at the University of Innsbruck, funded by the Hans Böckler Foundation, 2015-2018. Topic: "Knowledge on Sex, Gender and Sexuality in the Context of Sexual Education in Schools"


Project Officer, Heinrich Böll Foundation, Berlin


Masters in Gender Studies, HU Berlin, funded by the Hans Böckler Foundation


Bachelor's in Sociology, Educational Science, TU Dresden, funded the Hans Böckler Foundation


Research Interests:

  • Gender, Sexuality, Heteronormativity, Hate Speech
  • Heterogeneity, Intersectionality, and Inclusion
  • Qualitative Research Methods, Discourse Analysis


Selected publications:

  • Ballaschk, C., Schulze-Reichelt, F., Wachs, S., Krause, N., Wettstein, A., Kansok-Dusche, J., Bilz, L., & Schubarth, W. (2022).Is this (already) Hate Speech? – A qualitative study on the understanding of Hate Speech among educational school staff. Journal for Educational Research, 12(3), 579–596.
  • Kansok-Dusche, J., Ballaschk, C., Krause, N., Zeißig, A., Seemann-Herz, L., Wachs, S., & Bilz, L. (2023). A Systematic Review on Hate Speech among Children and Adolescents: Definitions, Prevalence, and Overlap with Related Phenomena. Trauma, Violence & Abuse, 24(4), 2598–2615.
  • Ballaschk, C., & Pfahl, L. (2021). Knowledge productions on the hymen in sexual education materials. Schulheft, 182(2).
  • Ballaschk, C., Wachs, S., Krause, N., Schulze-Reichelt, F., Kansok-Dusche, J., Bilz, L., & Schubarth, W. (2021). „Then everyone just joins in." A qualitative study on reasons and motives for Hate Speech among students. Discourse Childhood and Youth Research. Diskurs Kindheits- Und Jugendforschung / Discourse. Journal of Childhood and Adolescence Research, 16(4-2021), 463–480.
  • Ballaschk, C., Elsner, M., Johann, C., Schmitz, K., & Weber, E. (2021). machtWORTE! 26 and more inspirations to continuously live language anew (3rd ed.). Jaja Verlag.


Selected conference presentations:

  • Ballaschk, C. (September 2022). "Social Media is the Best Place for Hate Speech": Online-Hate Speech among Students. Lecture at the Training Conference for Teachers "App to Date: Social Media and the Danger to Democracy," Academy for Political Education, Tutzing.
  • Ballaschk, C. (March 2022). "Is this (already) Hate Speech?": Boundaries of Pedagogical School Staff between Legitimate Expressions and Hate Speech. Lecture at the 28th DGfE Congress ENT | BOUND | LESS |, online.
  • Ballaschk, C. (December 2020). Subject Offerings on Gender and Sexuality in Sexual Pedagogical Educational Materials. Lecture as part of the Campus Talks "Education in Discourse: Subjectivation, Difference, and Power Practices in the Pedagogical Field," University of Flensburg, online.
  • Ballaschk, C. (December 2017). Images of Gender, Sexuality, and the Body in the Context of School Sexual Education. Lecture invitation as part of the seminar on Sexuality and Sexual Education, University of Paderborn.
  • Ballaschk, C. (September 2016). Discursive Invocations on Gender, Sexuality, and Migration in School Sexual Education. 18th DiscourseNet Conference "Gender Studies meets Discourse Research meets Gender Studies: Intersections, Points of Contact, Tensions, and Questions of their Encounters," University of Paderborn.