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Research focus of the department

We examine the importance of learning in heterogeneous school classes and schools for the performance-related and psychosocial development of adolescents. We focus on conditions at school, teacher and peer level in the classroom. A future focus of the work area is on school development processes for dealing with the heterogeneity of the students.


Dissertation and post-doc projects


Svenja Hascher

Lernen in heterogenen Klassenzimmern. Welche Rolle spielen Lehrkraft und Unterricht

Chenru Hou

Impacts of Multidimensional Diversity within Classrooms on Students' Outcomes and Educational Inequality: Exploration of Mechanisms from Peers‘ Perspective

Dr. Peter Kossack                                                                

Dekonstruktion und  Inklusion: Eine poststrukturalistisch orientierte Analyse zum Paradoxieproblem des pädagogischen Inklusionsdiskurses

Dr. Georg Lorenz

Social-structural conditions of integration: Social networks, social capital, and the socioeconomic forthcoming among ethnic minority adolescents

Franziska Rogge

Die Gestaltung multiprofessioneller Kooperation und deren Einfluss auf die Entwicklung von Schüler:innen in inklusiven Schulen im Land Brandenburg



Current third-party funded projects

Multidimensional heterogeneity in the classroom: measurement, effects, mechanisms(MuHiK)

In the MuHiK project, we are investigating the question of how the diversity of students in the classroom can be measured using several characteristics at the same time.