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In High International Demand – University of Potsdam among Top 15 in New Humboldt Ranking

Das Bild zeigt Prof. Dr. Thorsten Wagener. Das Foto ist von Sandra Scholz.
Prof. Dr. Ariel D. Stern
Photo : Sandra Scholz
Photo : HPI / Kay Herschelmann
Prof. Dr. Ariel D. Stern

The University of Potsdam is held in high regard by researchers from abroad. This is the result of the current, revised Humboldt Ranking, in which it was ranked 14th among the 127 ranked universities, achieving a very good position among the most popular German universities. The ranking shows how many academics have come to Germany in the past five years thanks to funding from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, and the institutions where the greatest numbers of these researchers spent their research stays. During this period, 63 researchers worked at the University of Potsdam with a fellowship or award from the foundation.

“Once again, our very good position in the Humboldt Ranking reflects how attractive the University of Potsdam is for international researchers from all fields. It is especially true in times like these, that international exchange and cooperation are more important than ever, because in the midst of global tensions and conflicts, universities are places for the free exchange of ideas and the critical examination of current pressing issues," says Prof. Dr. Florian J. Schweigert, Vice President for International Affairs and Fundraising. The Welcome Center, he adds, plays a key role as an efficient service point for international academics and doctoral candidates in order to support their successful integration in Germany.

With the support of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, the University of Potsdam attracts renowned researchers from abroad who provide decisive impulses in research and teaching: For example, environmental scientist Prof. Dr. Thorsten Wagener from the University of Bristol was appointed to the Institute of Environmental Science and Geography with an Alexander von Humboldt Professorship in January 2021. In 2024, another Alexander von Humboldt Professorship will come to Potsdam with digital health expert Ariel D. Stern, currently a professor at Harvard Business School. Ariel D. Stern is recognized across the globe as a researcher at the intersection of medicine, economics, health policy, statistics, and health care management and is taking over the Chair of Digital Health as Humboldt Professor at the Digital Engineering Faculty.

Kalia Ruth Barkai is currently a visiting scholar at the University of Potsdam on a German Chancellor Fellowship. At the Chair of Political Theory held by Prof. Dr. Fabian Schuppert, the social scientist conducts research on the topics of climate justice, climate mobility, and migration. Other Humboldt Fellows in 2023 were hosted by the Institutes of Mathematics, Philosophy, Environmental Science and Geography, Chemistry, Geosciences, Biochemistry and Biology, and Arts and Media, among others.
The Humboldt Ranking is an indicator of a university’s quality and visibility since scientists and scholars choose their own host institutions. The University of Potsdam has become an international community with many different faces. In addition to students from all over the globe who have enrolled for a semester abroad or a complete bachelor's, master's or doctoral program, numerous researchers from abroad shape the international flair.
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