Why transfer?

In addition to its activities in research and teaching, the University of Potsdam also aims to make contributions to the social, cultural and economic environment. This transfer supports the long-term provision of a high standard of living for the region.

For the individual scientist, the transfer of knowledge or technologies is the opportunity to put research findings into practice - whether in a company, a public institution or within society.

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General information

What are the advantages of working with Potsdam Transfer?

Does the University of Potsdam have a transfer strategy?

Who can I contact if I have questions about transfer or want to set up a company?

Who actually works in the transfer service?

Knowledge and technology transfer

What exactly is technology transfer?

I am not a natural scientist. What is the relevance of transfer for me?

We are planning an application for a research project, in which partners from industry are also to be involved. Can the transfer service provide support here?

What exactly is technology scouting?

Our research results could be interesting for the economy. Are there any subsidies to further develop application-oriented research?

Can cooperation with industry be financially supported?

What is meant by "cooperation with business" in Transfer? What possibilities are there for working together with companies?

How can I enter into an exchange with the business world or how do I find the right cooperation partner?

Exhibition service

At which trade fairs will the transfer service support me?

What are the advantages of a trade fair appearance for your research project?

Who finances the trade fair presentation?

What costs do I have to plan for a trade fair appearance?

I would like to participate in a trade fair. What do I have to do to organize it?

How many personnel are required to supervise an exhibition stand?

Property rights

What is an invention?

Do I have to report an invention?

I am an employee of the university. To whom does my invention belong?

How do I make an invention disclosure?

When is an invention patentable?

What happens after I have registered an invention?

I would like to publish my results as quickly as possible. How much does an invention disclosure delay this?

Why should I report an invention before I publish it in a paper?

My invention is described in my thesis, which has been on display in the university library for a few weeks. Does this count as "published"?

When is an invention considered "published" and what are the effects of a publication on a possible property right?

What does a patent application cost me?

What are the advantages of patenting my invention?

Can software be patented?

Who does an invention belong to if it was made within the framework of a cooperation project?

What does MTA mean?

What do I have to do if a commercially active company or scientific institution wants samples or material from me?

What do I have to do if I want to use material from another scientific institution or an economically active company?