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Conflict Management

In the context of quality management, the Faculty of Arts has established an institution for conflict management in the field of teaching and studies. The basic idea here is that disruptions, deficiencies, and problems in studies can never be fully ruled out, but the discussion about possible solutions can be structured in a more streamlined way.

By using the form below, you can notify the Office of the Dean of Studies about serious deficiencies in your studies. The Office of the Dean of Studies will examine your submission and develop recommendations for action. We also would recommend that you contact your Departmental Student Representative Committee if you experience problems.

Before you contact the Office of the Dean of Studies, please review the  process description for conflict management. The Office of the Dean of Studies only takes action if the problems at issue have already been discussed with a contact person, yet no solution could be found.

Examples for these types of situations could be:


Contact person

Discrepancies between the content announced in the descriptive text of the course (or module handbook) and the actual requirements



Teacher / Study program representative

Recognition or documentation of coursework completed elsewhere

Examining Board Chairman,Study Program Representative

Obligatory courses not on offer

Study program representative


Please describe efforts that have already been made to clarify the situation.

Please provide information on the following points:

- Name, Surname

- Your University of Potsdam eMail address

- Your course of studies

- semester (in your course of studies)

- Which level is concerned? (Faculty of Philosophy, Course of Studies, Module; Course)

- Which section would you assign your problem to? (Organization of teaching and studies, evaluation, general parameters of studies or others)

- What is the matter?

- What could be a solution in our opinion?

- What have you already been done to resolve the problem?

- May your personal data be adduced to solve the problem?

Upon request, we can handle your complaint in a confidential manner. Anonymous complaints will not be addressed.

Data is kept for one year for statistical analysis. 


Please report your complaint via e-mail to the Advisor for Teaching and Studies, Michael Herrmann, at mherrmanuni-potsdamde.