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The Faculty of Arts aims to create awareness of intercultural contexts among its students and enable multi-perspective thinking. Of fundamental importance for this purpose is student mobility, which is to be increased in the scope of internationalization activities.
If you are struck by wanderlust, this is where you will find more information on:

Departmental Coordinators and Advisors

The Faculty of Arts' departmental coordinators for studying abroad are listed below. Where available, the departments' respective websites on studying abroad/ERAMUS are linked. 

Dr. Ulrike Kollodzeiski (ERASMUS coordinator and general advice on studying abroad), kollodzeiski[at]

Dr. Ronen Pinkas (ERASMUS coordinator), pinkas[at]

Isabel Sickenberger (ERASMUS coordinator), sickenberger[at] - page in German only!

please see Department of Jewish Studies and Religious Studies

Dr. Michael K. Schulz (ERASMUS coordinator), erasmus-geschichte[at]

Dr. Michael K. Schulz (ERASMUS-Koordinator), erasmus-geschichte[at]

Dr. Torsten Andreas (ERASMUS coordinator), torsten.andreas[at] - page in German only!

Denisa Latić, M.A., ERASMUS coordinator, denisa.latic.1[at]

Dr. Dr. Antonella Ippolito (ERASMUS coordinator), erasmus-romanistik[at] - page in German only!

Department of Slavic Studies

page in German only!

ERASMUS coordinators

Malgorzata Pilitsidou (Polish partnerships amongst others), malgorzata.pilitsidou[at] and Prof. Dr. Alexander Wöll (Slovenian partnerships amongst others), awoell[at]

Study abroad in Russia

advisor: Natalia Ermakova, M.A., natalia.ermakova[at] - page in German only!

Department in Arts and Media

page in German only!

Allgemeine Vergleichende Literaturwissenschaft, Kulturwissenschaft

Dr. Maria Weilandt (ERASMUS coordinator), maria.weilandt[at]

Europäische Medienwissenschaft

Alexander Schindler (ERASMUS coordinator), erasmus-emw[at]