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Coordinator for Internationalization

Prof. Dr. Thomas Khurana


Am Neuen Palais 10
house 11, room 2.04

International Affairs Advisor

Natascha Heinisch, M.A.


Am Neuen Palais 10
Haus 11, R. 2.23

On, employees of the Faculty of Arts have the opportunity to provide information about their third-party funded projects which are internationally oriented in terms of content or in relation to cooperation partners and thus take advantage of the diverse networking opportunities offered by this platform. This is to increase the visibility of the University of Potsdam worldwide. Internationalization through digitalization will therefore be an important goal for the entire university in the coming years, but especially for the Faculty of Arts. A virtual platform with the international research projects at the university has already been created in the form of ConnActUP.

If you are not yet using, but still want to publish information about your international third-party funded projects and cooperations on the Internationalization pages of the Faculty of Arts, please send the following information to Natascha Heinisch:

  • Third-party funding
  • Duration
  • Link to the project website (if applicable)
  • Contact person for further questions
  • International cooperation partners
  • Your e-mail address