Associated Researchers

Claudia Gianelli, Ph.D.

Workes for the Pecog group from the year 2012 to 2018 and she was leader of the neuroscience laboratory of the group.

Research interests:

  • Neurophysiological signatures of embodied processes
    Methodologies: TMS, EEG, combined TMS/EEG
    Topics: Language, Numbers, Action observation
  • Perspective taking in communication and action (ICSC 2015 Symposium)
    Methodologies: TMS, EEG, combined TMS/EEG, kinematics and RTs
    Topics: Perspective taking during linguistic processing and action execution in social contexts
  • Kinematics of social cognition (Frontiers Research Topic)
    Methodologies:  kinematics, RTs, questionnaires
    Topics: Fine-grained motion analysis during social and joint tasks

Prof. Samuel Shaki, Ariel University

Professor Shaki is a long-time collaborator of PECoG. We work on numerical cognition, especially the SNARC effect and its extensions.


Elena Sixtus

Elena Sixtus is a research fellow in the group of “Motor Function and Cogniton". After finishing her diploma in psychology, she is working on her PhD thesis on the topic “The Influence of Finger Counting on Numerical Cognition”. Her thesis is part of the project “Manumerical Cognition” which is funded by the DFG. In this project, Ms Sixtus investigates the mutual influence of mental representation of the hands and of numbers. Her office is in room 35.0.08.



Karsten Werner



Dr. Yuefang Zhou, University of St. Andrews

Dr Yuefang Zhou was awarded funding for a project on imitation and empathy in doctor-patient communication by the Carnegie Trust, which allowed her to visit the PECoG regularly between 2015 and 2016.  The outcome of this collaborative project is published here


Dr Zhou is currently a visiting Research Fellow to the PECoG and a visiting scientist to the Charité Institute of Sexology and Sexual Medicine.  Her current research interest is on human-robot intimate relationships.  She has recently organized an international workshop entitled AI LOVE YOU ( and she is editing a book on this theme.  Call for contributions is still open (


For her forthcoming project entitled “exploring attitudes of the general public towards the role of sex robots in dealing with sexuality-related individual and social problems”, she is looking for a student helper to assist data collection.  Please contact her at yuezhouuni-potsdamde if interested.