Katharina Kühne

Katharina Kühne is a PhD student of the Potsdam Embodied Cognition Group (PECoG). She holds a diploma in language teaching (Kostroma State University, Russia), a master’s degree in Linguistics (Free University, Berlin, Germany) and a master’s degree in Cognitive Psychology (Potsdam University, Germany). Her research interests are embodied language and number processing, bilingual language processing, social robotics, human-robot interaction and cognitive neuropsychology.

In her Ph.D. project, Katharina is studying motor priming in random number generation (RNG) und single digit arithmetics (SDA).

Her expertise includes electroencephalography (EEG), transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), grip force sensors as well as neuropsychological neurorehabilitation.

Kontakt E-Mail: ekaterina.kuehnegooglemailcom

Raum: 14.6.24

Publications and poster presentations

Gianelli, C., & Kühne, K. (2017, October). Eat Pray Love. Processing of concrete and abstract verbs by native and non-native speakers. Poster session presented at the CIMeC Conference "Ten years of Mind/Brain Sciences at the University of Trento”, Rovereto, Italy.  

Gianelli, C., & Kühne, K. (2019). Is embodied cognition bilingual? Current evidence and perspectives of the embodied cognition approach to bilingual language processing. Frontiers in Psychology, 10, 108. DOI: 10.3389/fpsyg.2019.00108

Gianelli, C., Kühne, K., & H-Kivanani, N. (2018, May). On grasping and being grasped: processing active and passive language in the motor system. Paper presented at MeeTo 2018: from moving bodies to interactive minds, University of Turin, Italy.

Gianelli, C., Kühne, K., Presti, S. L., Mencaraglia, S., & Dalla Volta, R. (2020). Action processing in the motor system: Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) evidence of shared mechanisms in the visual and linguistic modalities. Brain and Cognition, 139, 105510. DOI: 10.1016/j.bandc.2019.105510

Gianelli, C., Kühne, K., Mencaraglia, S., & Volta, R. D. (2019, May). Action semantics in the motor system: TMS evidence of shared mechanisms in the visual and linguistic modalities. Poster session presented at the Rovereto Workshop on Concepts, Actions, and Objects: Functional and Neural Perspectives, Rovereto, Italy.  

Gianelli, C., Kühne, K., & Rugani, R. (2017, September). Numerical magnitude spatially biases unusual responses. Poster session presented at the ESCoP Conference, Potsdam, Germany.

Mende, M. A., Fischer, M. H., & Kühne, K. (2019). The Use of Social Robots and the Uncanny Valley Phenomenon. In AI Love You (pp. 41-73). Springer, Cham.

Morey, R., Kaschak, M.P., Dıez-Alamo, A.M., Glenberg, A.M., ´Zwaan, R.A., Lakens, D….et al.  (2019). A pre-registered, multi-lab non-replication of the action-sentence compatibility effect (ACE). (Article submitted for publication).

Zhou, Y., Kühne, K., & Fischer, M.H. (2019, September) Perception of artificial voices – an auditory Turing test. Poster session presented at the ESCoP Conference, Spain, Tenerife.