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Axel Wiepke

Axel Wiepke studied at the University of Potsdam where he studied to become a teacher for the upper secondary school with a first subject in computer science and a second subject in physics. After his bachelor thesis in mathematics, he followed his more theoretical field of interest and switched to the Master of Science in Computational Science. With the practical school insights from his teaching career, he was initially involved in the Fides project at the Chair for Complex Multimedia Application Architectures in the conceptual design and software development for web applications. Axel Wiepke is a research associate at the Chair of Complex Multimedia Application Architectures and is now active in teaching and research, focusing on virtual reality. Furthermore, he works in cooperation with the Chair of Educational Research at the Virtual Classroom. 

Telefon: +49-331-977-3030

E-Mail: wiepkeuni-potsdamde



Research Interests

The main interest of Axel Wiepke is the theoretical part of software-engineering. He improves his skills with focus on elegant and efficient technologies. Furthermore he is interested in coding-theory and similar abstract topics.