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Our EEG & TMS lab is located at Campus New Palais. In this lab, we conduct our neuroscientific research.

Eyetracking Lab

In cognitive science, as a cluster of psychology at Potsdam University, psychologists, physicists, computer scientists, linguists, mathematicians, and biologists do interdisciplinary research on topics regarding perception, memory, language, emotion and other cognitive processes.

At eyelab, we mainly investigate visual, occulomotor and linguistic processes. For instance reading, shifts of attention and working memory are being explored.

Mathematical and computational models are developed, which allow for the comparison of real data with theoretical predictions.

Motor Lab

The goal of the Motor Lab is to understand the role of the human motor system in cognition. We use bimanual grip force recording, mouse tracking and touch screen technology in order to investigate a wide range of cognitive phenomena from basic ones, such as perception-action coupling, to the higher-level cognition – numerical and mathematical cognition, language processing, including abstract and idiomatic language, conceptual understanding of time, and processing of emotional information.

Virtual Reality Lab

In this lab, we use a HTC Vive to test predictions abouth theories on Embodied Cognition.

Further Labs

Our group also uses computer-based testings in room 14.6.23 and in room 14.6.26.