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Organic synthesis group

In diesem Bild ist ein Abzug mit einer Probe eines gelben Chalcons sowie mehrerer Kolben zu sehen.
Photo: Thomas Roese
Welcome to the website of the synthetic organic chemistry group at the department of chemistry!

Our research revolves around synthetic methodology development (with a special focus on homogeneously catalysed tandem sequences) and natural product synthesis (ten-membered lactones, poly-unsaturated compounds (polyenes and polyacetylenes), flavonoids and isoflavonoids).

Other topics of interest are:

  • natural product isolation and characterization (in collaboration with partners from Chile, Kenia and Uganda)
  • organometallic chemistry with a view to catalyst development (in collaboration with partners in Poland and the Czech Republic)

Our group is dedicated to teaching organic chemistry in theory and practice on all levels, from introductory bachelor’s level for chemistry minors to advanced master’s level.