Portrait Johannes Koberstein
Photo: Tobias Hopfgarten

Johannes Koberstein, B.Sc.

Research Assistant

Phone:                             + 49 331 977 3395
E-Mail:                              johannes.koberstein@uni-potsdam.de
Address:                          Campus Griebnitzsee, Room 03.01.110
                                             August-Bebel-Straße 89
                                             14482 Potsdam



Portrait Johannes Koberstein
Photo: Tobias Hopfgarten

Since 2020, Johannes Koberstein works as a research assistant at the chair "Public Sector, Finance and Social Policy". At the University of Potsdam, he studied economics and sociology at Bachelor level from 2018 to 2021. After finishing his Bachelor's degree, he started his Master studies in Public Economics at the Free University Berlin. His main research interests contain the analysis and legitimacy of the tax-transfer-system, conflicts in efficiency and distribution, economics theory as well as agricultural and environmental economics.

Research Interests



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