Information on dormitories

Student Dorm
Here, we have a selection of information concerning staying at a room in the dormitories:

How do I get a dormitory room?

Online, you can very conveniently send your application to the Studentenwerk Potsdam. After you have done so, you will receive an email confirming that you successfully submitted your application.

You can expect to receive an offer for a room by the Studentenwerk Potsdam by the end of January for the summer term and by the end of August for the winter term. In order to accept this offer, you have to transfer the requested reservation fee of 250 Euro to the bank account of the Studentenwerk Potsdam. This fee also serves as the security deposit for your room. As soon as the Studentenwerk Potsdam received the money, your room is officially booked.

  • On your day of arrival for the Deutsch(land)kurs Willkommen, you will sign your lease agreement and pick up the key to your room at the course office.

In case you arrive earlier or if you have an appointment with the Studentenwerk Potsdam, you will sign your contract there and will therefore not come to the course office.

Guideline for the application for a dorm room

  1. Fill out and send in your application on the Studentenwerk Potsdam website
  2. Receive a confirmation email from the Studentenwerk Potsdam
  3. Get a room offer by the Studentenwerk Potsdam
  4. Pay the reservation fee (deposit) of 250 Euro -please keep in mind that there will be a deadline - if you miss it, your room will be given to someone else.
  5. Sign your contract (lease agreement) and pick up key at the course office on the arrival day.
  6. Make a check-in appointment with your caretaker of your dorm!

Internet at the Dormitory

You can contact the ZIM of the University of Potsdam and apply for internet access - this is possible at all dormitories in Potsdam and costs 30.00 Euro for one semester, i.e. six month.

First, you will have to fill out the  application/contract with your personal data. Please note that in order to fill out this form, you will need information (such as your student ID number and your University of Potsdam email address) which you will only receive after your arrival. You will get all necessary information on the First Day at the course office.

As soon as you completed filling out the application/contract, you can hand it in at

  • Mrs. Klein, ZIM,
    Campus Neues Palais,
    House 8, room 0.89,
    Phone: +49 331 977-1222,

Within 2-3 days the internet access will be ready.

Please note:

Most dormitories have a fixed telephone network (landline). For your application/contract, you will have to find out the MAC address (physical address) of your computer. Instructions on how to find it, you get on WikiHow. After the clearing of your account, you just need an Ethernet network cable and you will have access to the internet right away!

Should there be WiFi at your dormitory, you have to set up an account including a password in the application/contract. In order to use WiFi and access the internet, you will have to download the program VPN client. Here, you will find the instructions for installation:

Dormitories & Internet connections
LAN getaway (landline) WiFi
Kaiser-Friedrich-Straße; Forststraße; Breite Straße; Stahnsdorfer Straße; Karl-Liebknecht-Straße; Zum Mühlenteich Park Babelsberg

After moving into the dormitory room

After you signed your contract at the course office and received the key to your room, you have to contact the caretaker of your dormitory for your check-in. Both of you will check the room and its furniture carefully to make sure that everything is fine. Your room will be rechecked before you move out, and to get your deposit returned, it should still be in order. If so, you get your deposit back, otherwise part of it will be used for repair works.

This means that you will check the room together twice – once on arrival and once before your departure. This is necessary as the student service Potsdam can only hand your deposit back to you if the caretaker gives his approval.