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Vertebrate organs are derived from epithelial or endothelial sheets of cells that undergo complex morphogenetic transformations. In our lab, we study the embryonic zebrafish cardiovascular system which is relatively simple compared with that of mammals. We would like to better understand the signaling events that instruct the morphogenesis of the early heart tube. Initially the zebrafish heart consists of only the outer myocardial and inner endocardial cell layer, a specialized population of endothelial cells. We would like to understand: What are the signals that regulate the morphogenesis of myocardium and endocardium? To what extent do these two tissues communicate during cardiac looping and ballooning morphogenesis, and during the formation of cardiac valves? What determines the differentiation of endocardium into its different morphological derivatives such as valvular cells? In collaboration with clinical researchers, the group uses developmental genetics combined with cell biological and pharmacological approaches to develop animal models for human cardiovascular diseases of the heart and the vasculature.

We use highly interdisciplinary approaches to analyze cardiovascular morphogenesis by combining whole-genome expression analyses, functional cell biological and genetic tools for tissue- or single cell level functional studies, in vivo high-resolution 4D-confocal imaging, systems biological approaches, in silico modeling of single cell behaviors during cardiovascular morphogenesis and pathogenesis, and pharmacological studies.


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