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Cecile is now a Senior Postdoctoral Fellow in the Laboratory for molecular ecotoxicology, Division for Marine and Environmental Research , Ruđer Bošković Institute, Zagreb, Croatia.


Dr. Cecile Otten


Research Associate in Zoophysiology Group 

Department of Biochemistry & Biology 

University of Potsdam 

Phone: (0331) 977 5932 



Education / work experience 

I studied Biology at the University of Heidelberg and graduated in 2004. During my Diploma thesis in the lab of Dr. Thomas Surrey at the EMBL in Heidelberg, I characterized the Kinesin LmaKin1 of Leishmania major. Then, in December 2004, I joined the lab of Prof. Salim Seyfried at the Max-Delbrück-Centre (MDC) in Berlin. I obtained my PhD from the Humboldt University in Berlin in November 2009 for my work on the functional analysis of the xirp genes during zebrafish embryonic muscle development. My research focus is zebrafish heart and cardiovascular development. 



12/2004 – 12/2007 „International PhD Program“: scholarship of the Max-Delbrück-Centre, Berlin. 


Projects & interests 

My main interests lie in unraveling mechanisms of organogenesis, in particular heart morphogenesis, in zebrafish. Currently, I am working closely together with colleagues and collaborators on the Cerebral Cavernous Malformations (CCM) disease, a severe condition for which we hope to identify new potential drugs since there is no established medication available today. To reach that goal, we are trying to understand the function of the disease-relevant CCM genes, as well as performing an unbiased chemical compound screen to suppress the CCM loss-of-function effects in the zebrafish.  



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