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Van-Cuong Pham

Ph.D. student in the department of Animal Physiology

Department of Biochemistry & Biology 

University of Potsdam 

Phone: (0331) 977 5539

Email: pham1uni-potsdamde


As an early stage researcher of the MSCA Innovative Training Network V. A. Cure, which aims to discover mechanisms and better treatment for Vascular Anomalies, my research interest lies on the vascular disease Cerebral Cavernous Malformation (CCM). I am investigating CCM pathogenesis by using zebrafish as animal model with genetic approaches.



Master of Science, 2019

Kyushu University, Japan

“Physiological and cellular stress responses of goldfish (Carassius auratus) to acute and chronic high-water temperature”

Bachelor of Science, 2015

University of Science, Vietnam National University-Hanoi, Vietnam

“Generation of homozygous rankl:HSE:CFP transgenic medaka fish for use as an osteoporosis model”



Pham VC, Pham TT, Lai TT, Trinh CD, Nguyen VMH, Ha TMT, Phuong TT, Tran DL, Winkler C, To TT. (2019) Icariin Reduces Bone Loss in a Rankl-induced Transgenic Medaka (Oryzias Latipes) Model for Osteoporosis. J Fish Biol. (online ahead of print). doi: 10.1111/jfb.14241.