1. Admission as Doctoral Candidate, Admission for Doctoral Studies

  1. An application to be accepted as a doctoral candidate (statement on the intent to pursue doctoral studies) shall be submitted in writing to the respective chairperson of the Doctoral Committee. (go to form the Division of Student Affairs: German / Englisch)
  2. Required documents for acceptance are:
    • certified document on successfully completed academic sudies at a university or a comparable academic institution and evidence of 300 credit points
    • certified document on academic studies of at least eight semesters including al final examinnation (Master, "Diplom")
    • certified document on academic studies of at least eight semesters including a professional degree (state examination)
    • certified document on a completed degree program at a university or a college of higher education with at least a "good" rating within the standard period of study of at least six semesters and a final academic examination (Bachlor, 180 credit points) and proof of comleted additional studies that correspond to 60 credit points of an accredited Master program
    • letters of acceptance of two persons entitled to supervise a disseration project; supervision agreement German/English.
  3. If you want to enroll as a doctoral candidate, you must also submit an apoplication for enrollment including all necessary documents. (got to form Divison of Student Affairs / go to form for international PhD candidates  / Welcome Center).


Upon receipt of the necessary documents, the Deans's Office will review your application and forward it to the Divison of Student Affairs, which will send you a request for Payment. After you payed the semester fees you will get a student registration card and you are enrolled as a doctoral candidate.


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