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Dr. Andreas Heißel. | Foto: Kaya Neutzer.

Step by Step - Why Exercise Therapy Can Help Treat Depression

Sport not only keeps you fit but can also heal - both body and soul. The study STEP.De examines how exercise therapy can be used to treat depression.... more
Prof. Ralf Engbert. | Foto: Tobias Hopfgarten

I See What You See - Potsdam Cognitive scientists develop models for predicting eye movements

For some time, cognitive scientists have been focusing on the human gaze, especially when it comes to reading and viewing images and objects. We know... more
Experiment in school. | Photo: AdobeStock/Syda Productions

From Football to Experiments – How Children Learn to Think Scientifically

As every pedagogue knows, people learn better when they are interested. But why is that so? And can this insight be utilized to guide children on... more
Prof. Urs. Granacher. | Photo: Karla Fritze.

Making Children Move - How does physical education classes work for elementary school children?

Children have a natural desire to move. They run, jump, and skip whenever they have the opportunity. But what if they prefer watching others doing... more
Working proactively makes you happier. Photo: AdobeStock/Kenishirotie

Always a step ahead — Why working proactively makes you happier

The best way to kill an idea is to take it to a meeting. This slogan — not carved in stone, but embossed in metal — is on the consultation desk,... more
Restless Legs Syndrom is barely explored in children. Photo: AdobeStock/MohdHafiez

When Night Turns to Day - Interdisciplinary Cooperation Project Researches Restless Legs Syndrome in Children and Youth

Adults have it, and children, too. But how common restless legs syndrome (RLS) actually is in minors has hardly been researched. A study carried out... more
The team oft he start-up "Humangold". Photo: Patrick Bröker.

That Work Doesn‘t Make You Sick - A Start-up Team at the University of Potsdam Develops App Against Psychostress

Burnout, depression, anxiety: Psychostress pushes more and more working people into early retirement. But what actually is mental stress in the... more
Graphic: Andreas Töpfer

“Alexa, are you intelligent?” – Artificial Intelligence and What We Need It For

When you ask e-commerce giant Amazon’s virtual assistant about its intelligence, you will hear, “Yes, I think, therefore I am.” Alexa has learned... more
Psychologin Diana Peitz. Photo: Thomas Roese.

Tracking down hunger with nose, ears and heart – Psychologists test a promising new therapeutic approach for eating and weight disorders

A crispy bread roll, a juicy mango, or a warming soup - our food appeals to many senses and usually serves more than just the need to fill the... more
Prof. Doreen Georgi. Photo: Karla Fritze.

What Languages Tell about Language - Linguist Doreen Georgi researches grammatical structures around the world

Language is one of the most versatile instruments we possess, thanks to its variability at all levels – from pronunciation to word order. But... more