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Prof. Dr. Susanne Strätling | Photo: Tobias Hopfgarten

Energy – Why one of the most popular terms of our time is so difficult to grasp

Energy dazzles, transmits, and moves. It comes in the shape of electricity, power, heat, and movement, too. It is in chemical compounds, and in high... more
Prof. Filippo Carlà-Uhink. | Photo: Kaya Neutzer.

From Odysseus' Travel Agency to Aquaman – Why the Ancient World Inspires to this Day

At the movies, “Wonder Woman,” the Amazon, battles war god Ares. Theme parks create ancient fantasy worlds combining Roman sculptures and Greek... more
Sensors in cuddly bears? Researchers are studying how sensors influence our perception. | Photo: AdobeStock/bualuang.

How Technologies Affect our Emotions – Researchers Study the Impact of Sensors on Perception

What happens when parents leave the task of watching by the bedside of their fevered child to a plush teddy equipped with a sensor? How does a dog... more
Titelblatt einer Ausgabe der Clauert-Geschichten von 1673. | Foto: Kaya Neutzer

The Eulenspiegel of the Mark – Why a Brandenburg Prankster Could Turn a Literary Genre Upside Down

Pranksters who play practical jokes on others, make (almost) everyone laugh, and get away with it, are universally known. That there is someone else... more
Prof. Johannes Ungelenk. | Foto: Karla Fritze.

Touched by the Uncertain – Literary Scholar Johannes Ungelenk Takes Unusual Paths

To fail the reading of theoretical texts with pleasure, to write about the weather as a literary scholar and to familiarize students with the... more
Ulrike Sträßner. Foto: Karla Fritze.

For the Benefit of the Dynasties – What letters tell about the rule of Brandenburg electresses in Early Modern Age

The 18th century – the heyday of letter writing – had not yet dawned. But even 100 or 200 years earlier, the elite circles of the electoral courts in... more
DIGAREC – Zentrum für Computerspielforschung an der Universität Potsdam. Foto: Karla Fritze.

Games - Past, present, and future of a young medium

In the course of its short history, computer gaming has already undergone rapid changes. And for exactly this reason, it poses a challenge to... more
Prof. Dr. Eva Kimminich. Foto: Thomas Roese.

Researching with All Senses – Eva Kimminich on rap, flow, and filter bubbles

The powerful and the marginalized, the masses and the elites, pop culture and high culture: Eva Kimminich is interested in cultural contrasts. As a... more
Osun-Osogbo-Hain. Foto: Valerie Pobloth/Isabel Dückert.

Up on the road: online Diary Nigeria – October, 14th 2017

October, 14th – Ibadan „Spirituality is not about race, it is about soul.“ Priestess Doyin about her mother Susanne Wenger. Today is a very... more
Im Museum of National Unity (MNU). Foto: Isabel Dückert/Valerie Pobloth.

Up on the road: online Diary Nigeria – October, 13th 2017

October, 13th – Ibadan Today we explore the history and culture of Nigeria and visit the Museum of National Unity (MNU) in Ibadan, which exhibits an... more