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This year´s transfer prize is awarded to Gerold Zeilinger by Potsdam Transfer and UP Transfer GmbH

This year's transfer prize goes to geologist Dr. Gerold Zeilinger

At the Institute of Geosciences, Gerold Zeilinger (structural geologist) led the oKat-SIM project (link:, among others, in which augmented reality (AR) was developed and used for professional and methodological training purposes in educating professionals in the field of disaster control and in the civil security sector. 

During the New Year's reception of the President of the University of Potsdam, Potsdam Transfer together with UP Transfer GmbH awarded this year's Transfer Prize to Dr. Gerold Zeilinger. He was honored for “his research with direct application relevance in the field of geological GIS/3D applications for the detection and quantification of surface changes, especially in mountains and their forelands. The visualization of landscape changes using AR in a real environment is of great benefit for disaster control and civil security. In addition, Dr. Gerold Zeilinger's research methods enable decisions in landscape planning and the concrete effects of landscape-altering projects to be predicted directly in the real landscape.”

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