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Research at the EyeLab

Experimental focus is given to volunteers as young as 6 all the way up to 80 years of age. Ever since testing began in 1994, more than 6000 people participated in these experiments. Experiment credits are offered to students of psychology and linguistics, everyone else gets financial compensation. Most of the time the participants are subjected to eye movement testing, but experiments without eye trackers, for example simple reaction time measurements, are also part of the list of tasks.


The experiments take place within our labs inside of House 14 in Golm. In some cases testing can be done outside, for instance within schools directly on location. Before taking part in experiments of the eyelab, some other data of our participants is collected:

  • demographics
  • eye tests
  • vocabulary tests
  • digit symbol tests

This data is kept confidential and in separate files away from experimental data. Prior to testing, participants receive test instructions. In a declaration of consent the participants state that they have understood all instructions and agree with the recording and processing of data according to stated terms of confidentiality. Experiments can be aborted at any time by the participants, in which case recorded data will be deleted subsequently.