Who can I get information from?

Erasmus-Coordinator of the Educational Sciences
Ellen Bittersmann
Tel.: 0331 977-2495
E-Mail: ellen.bittersmannuni-potsdamde

Which partner universities does the department of educational sciences have?

  • Denmark: Aarhus University Kopenhagen (ca. 40.000 Stud.)
  • France: Institut Catholique de Paris (ca. 15.000 Stud.)
  • The Netherlands: Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen (ca. 30.000 Stud.)
  • Norway: Agder University College Kristiansand (ca. 10.000 Stud.)
  • Norway: Universitetet i Bergen (ca. 14.500 Stud.)
  • Sweden: Linnaeus University Växjö (ca. 34.000 Stud.)
  • Sweden: Örebro University (ca. 17.000 Stud.)
  • Switzerland: Pädagogische Hochschule Zug (ca. 300 Stud.)
  • Switzerland: Pädagogische Hochschule Luzern (ca. 1.500 Stud.)
  • Switzerland: Universität Zürich (ca. 26.000 Stud.)
  • Slowakia: University of Žilina (ca. 11.000 Stud.)
  • Czechia: Univerzita Palackého v Olomouci (ca. 24.000 Stud.)
  • Turkey: Yildiz Technical University Istanbul (ca. 30.000 Stud.)

What are the prerequisites for taking part in the Erasmus-Programme?

  • You must be at least in your third subject-related semester when starting the programme.
  • Good academic achievements
  • Adequate knowledge of the teaching language

What do I have to do before applying for Erasmus?

  • Consider which country / university you want to go to
    • Partner universities of the Educational Sciences Department
    • Read information about the selected university
      • Course offers for exchange students (some universities do not offer a master programme in Education/ Teacher training; Sometimes education courses are only offered in the summer- or wintersemester etc.)
      • Academic year might differ from the UP
      • application process
    • Cost of living etc.

When to apply for Erasmus?

  • By January, 31st for the next academical year (the next wintersemester and the  summersemester following the upcoming wintersemester)
  • After the January, 31st there might be still a few slots available.

Which documents do I need to hand in for the application?

  • Application form
  • Letter of motivation
  • Short CV with the picture and information about your language proficiency 
  • List of courses attended so far (PULS-Letter); freshmen do also hand in a copy of their high school diploma.


What are the advantages of taking part in the Erasmus programme?

  • Registration at the host university is carried out by the Erasmus-coordinator, not by the applicant
  • No lecture, enrollment or examination fees, neither for laboratory and library use
  • Mobility grant 150-400 €, 200-450 € or 250-500 € per month
  • Upon successful completion credit points will be transferred to UP
  • New experiences and impressions, get to know people from different cultures, improvement of language skills
  • Taking part in Erasmus is possible during the Bachelor as well as during the Master programme.