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For Students

Studying has never been as unique as with EDUC!

The European Digital UniverCity or EDUC makes it possible for students to study not only at one university, but at all six universities of the alliance.

Thanks to our emerging infrastructure and innovative exchange and course offerings, you will soon be able to move easily between EDUC Alliance partner universities, broaden your skills beyond existing majors and gain international experience on an individual basis. New virtual resources create more options: Further your education, learn languages or network with your EDUC community. From Bachelor to PhD, EDUC offers numerous options for a wide range of disciplines.

Build your curriculum according to your wishes and ideas, benefit from Europe-wide university structures, technical progress and get to know other countries and cultures.

Your world just got bigger.

Since all of our partner universities have different semester starts, the students in Norway and France are already sitting in the library, while the students at the University of Potsdam are still trying to decide what they want to take this semester. Because we are such a diverse alliance, our offerings are not ready at a fixed point in time, but are continually updated in the course of the semester and in consultation with our partner universities.

So be sure to check back with us regularly to see what your options are! Or follow @EDUCUniverCity on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to make sure you don't miss anything!

Your contact for questions about EDUC offers for students:

Franziska Tiedke

Community Manager
Tel.: +49 331-977-153081