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Matching German Jewish Biographies

What is the project about?

Prototype of a compound database unifying person records from multiple existing biographical databases (focussing on the letter A to start with) and display possible matches with the Aufbau New York Index and names from "Mitteilungsblatt".

Who leads the project?

Daniel Burckhardt - Moses Mendelssohn Center

Who is part of the team?

Thekla Keuck - University of Bremen

Juliane Kraske - German Lost Art Foundation 

Lisa Pribik - Leibniz Institute for Jewish History and Culture  - Simon Dubnow 

Sabrina Werner - German Lost Art Foundation 

What is the practical use of your research tool for jewish studies? / What can researchers of jewish studies learn/achieve from your project:

Researcher can use a simple search engine that provides a central starting place leading to a multitude of existing databases

Which technical methods and tools are used for developing your project and what tools and/or methods do you use for reaching your goal?

Database, web-framework (Symfony), tools for data cleanup (OpenRefine)

What can you learn from this project for your own personal research interests? 

If (biographical) mass data can be recorded rather quickly, other research questions arise; furthermore, previous hypotheses can be verified; much more comparative work can be done, e.g. with regard to questions about migration, emigration or deportation.

What do you expect to achieve in the Hackathon?

Show a first prototype with a basic search.