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DH Workshop:

Textmining with R for the Humanities

What do you do with a million books? It doesn't really have to be so many texts. This workshop is an introduction to the automatic analysis of medium-sized corpora (20-50 texts). We will be working with basel text mining methods like wordfrequency & word clouds, tf-id, bi- and trigrams (n-grams), as well as evaluating texts from The participants will learn basic text mining methods with help of the statistic software pack R and will be capable of conducting a quantitative evaluation of texts in R.

Speaker: Dr. Jörg Lehmann -- Project assistant for Digital Humanities at the University of Tübingen

Place: (ZIM's PC-Pool) 

Date: 13th November 2019 

Time: 9am until 5pm (breaks included)


Please sign up here: digital-humanitiesuni-potsdamde