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The vision: a network for digital humanities in the university city of Potsdam.

The digital transformation is changing broad fields of research in the humanities: from research infrastructure and the routines of publication to the handling of sources, editions and research data, as well as the digital methods of analysing literary texts and cultural artefacts. Additionally, the Digital Humanities face the task of reflecting the digital change of our society.

In order to confront these challenges and to realise the innovative potentials of this development, a research initiative at the University of Potsdam bundles together activities in the field of Digital Humanities. The goal of the research initiative is to establish interdisciplinary connections of different institutions and players based in Potsdam: between the institutions of the Faculty of Philosophy, as well as other faculties of the University of Potsdam. There will be co- operation with other research facilities in Potsdam, such as the University of Applied Science in Potsdam, and also between regional, national and international institutes affiliated to Digital Humanities.  

Henriette Herz

Henriette Herz-Hackathons - Hackathons as recruiting events in Digital Humanities

The University of Potsdam has been awarded the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation's Henriette Herz Prize for its concept entitled »Henriette Herz-Hackathons - a scouting tool for digital humanities.

FoLD-Project Illustration

FoLD Project started

Funded by the Federal Ministry of Research and Education (BMBF) the project seeks to unfold the potentials of Digital Humanities for Digital Concepts in higher education. More info here.

Contact us:

Research Coordinator: Dr. Dennis Mischke 

Mail: digital-humanitiesuni-potsdamde

Postal Address: 

Theodor-Fontane-Archiv | Universität Potsdam

Große Weinmeisterstr. 46/47

14469 Potsdam


Prof. Dr. Peer Trilcke 

Theodor-Fontane-Archive | Digital Literary Studies

Prof.in Dr. Birgit Schneider

Institute of Media and the Arts | Ecology of Media

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