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Ankündigung in TEI XML

Workshop: Extended X-Technologies in the Humanities

Date: Thursday the 25th of April 2019
Time: 10am - 5pm
Place: Campus Neues Palais, House 8, 0.56. (Foyer)  
Speaker: Mathias Göbel (SUB Göttingen)


In last two decades, a now widely used standard in the humanities and in libraries was established with XML and associated dialects (TEI, FoLiA, …). It has been gaining growing acknowledgement in other disciplines and is also used industrially. XML itself offers the basis for applications, it is transformed into different formats and is the starting format of every full programming language: XQuery.

In this day-length, application-orientated workshop, we will delve into the possibility of XPath as a specific query of XML-Documents and import it into Xquery. To do so, we will create specific queries with the help of our own documents and a provided document collection.


  • Expanding knowledge in XPath
  • Basic knowledge of XQuery 
  • Using APIs for referenced data (e.g. LOD)


  • Basic knowledge of XML and experience using it
  • Oxygen-XML Editor (installed and ready for use on computer [that needs to be brought along])
  • Own XML documents (Examples, please send to the speaker beforehand and bring along)
  • Internet access in the schooling room (e.g.: eduroam)

Places are limited! Please register via e-Mail: digital-humanitiesuni-potsdamde