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CropStrengthen Scientific Work packages

Young science students working together
Photo: Karla Fritze

ATR7 network in Arabidopsis

Objectives: To decipher the signalling network of ATR7 in Arabidopsis thaliana, which can serve as a fundamental basis for further molecular improvement of crops via transcriptome and metabolome analysis and the identification of genes and proteins which interact with the ATR7 stress network in A. thaliana.

Crop improvement by modulating ATR7 levels

Objectives: Enhancing the tolerance to abiotic stress of important vegetable crops  through modulation of ATR7 levels.

Stress acclimation in Arabidopsis and crops

Objectives: To develop a system for enhancing the tolerance of vegetable crops to abiotic and oxidative stress through molecular priming (acclimation). The WP will lead to induced stress tolerance in A. thaliana and crop species.


Objectives: To train the ESRs in advanced bioinformatics and statistics.

The WP will lead to identification of ATR7 homologues and co-expressed genes in other species; identification of stress-related genes commonly regulated in different crop species; identification of metabolic stress signatures and specific metabolites altered in abundance during different stresses.