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Bringing people together in learning and teaching

The outstanding importance of joint practice, communicative exchange, interaction and change of perspectives across borders is more evident today than ever before. Promoting this in the context of higher education is one of the multifaceted goals of the DigiUGov project. Seven higher education institutions from Colombia, Mexico, Spain and Germany are working together to leverage the potential of innovative teaching-learning formats of

Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL), Virtual Exchange (VE), Global Shared Learning (GSL)

Three different terms, but with one goal: to enable our today's students (and teachers) to learn from each other for tomorrow and acquire multiple, future-relevant competencies in intercultural, collaborative settings.


Why a Partner Fair?

Online events such as partner fairs are formats used primarily by international networks (such as SUNY COIL or UNIcollaboration) to create networking opportunities.

The DigiUGov project also wants to use this format and is pursuing the following goals:

  • to bring together like-minded teachers interested in the internationalization of teaching
  • to provide a platform for the exchange of ideas for joint teaching projects
  • to initiate partnerships and subsequently support the development of teaching projects

Staff members of all partner universities from the areas of internationalization as well as didactic-technical support will be present and support your initiatives.

How to participate

All interested teachers (even without a concrete COIL idea) from all DigiUGov partner universities are invited to present their ideas for joint teaching projects to their international colleagues or just to take home ideas for their own teaching from colleagues with concrete project ideas.

How to prepare yourself and participate in the DigiUGov Partner Fair

  1. Have a basic understanding of what COIL, VE, GSL is and what it can look like.
  2. Reach out to your support contact at your institution if you want to know more.
  3. Formulate your ideas and submit your outline for a COIL project. Please fill in the form (your contact details), even if you are only interested in participating. Further information will follow by e-mail.
  4. Before the Partner Fair, you will receive a bulletin with all the project ideas submitted by e-mail.
  5. Bring some flexibility regarding your course and ideas. Be open to possible interdisciplinary collaboration and new ideas (e.g., integrating global topics such as the UN SDGs).
  6. Formulate a few sentences to present your idea at the Partner Fair.
  7. During the Partner Fair there will be several moderated breakout sessions, depending on the academic disciplines of the submitted COIL ideas and an explicitly Spanish-speaking room.

About DigiUGov

DigiUGov = Digitalization meets University Governance

DigiUGov’s ambition is to establish collaborations, sustainable structures and governance mechanisms in the participating Latin-American and European HE institutions by the end of January 2025. This project is dedicated to improve the institutional support for

  1. early stage and experienced academic staff in teaching in digital formats
  2. sharing of resources and training courses
  3. digitalization of the universities’ administration. To enable this,
  4. Strategy building and effective governance structures will be reinforced through international exchange of expertise and consultation provided by the DigiUGov community.

Learn more about the project: