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Meeting Protocols

The Student Representatives meet every other Tuesday at 6 pm Below you can find links to our protocols from May 2021. If you want to look through our older protocols please do e-mail us at cosec-studentrepuni-potsdamde and we will be happy to share! 

January 2022Link
February 2022No meetings held
March 2022Link
April 2022Link
May 2022Link
June 2022Link
July 2022Coming soon
August 2022Coming soon
September 2022Coming soon
October 2022Coming soon
September 2022Coming soon
November 2022Coming soon
December 2022Coming soon
May 2021Link
June 2021Link
July 2021Link
August 2021No meetings held
September 2021Link
October 2021Link
November 2021Link
December 2021Link