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The CogSci Student's Declassified University Survival Guide

The program has zero tolerance policy on plagiarism, therefore, all students are advised to inform themselves about the concept of plagiarism via consulting the resources given on this website. All currently enrolled students are required to fill out and submit the form "Academic Code of Conduct" to the Study Board by 19.04.2022.

General Information

The University of Potsdam offers degrees in the cognitive sciences at the bachelors, masters and doctoral level. All programs are part of the Department of Psychology of the University of Potsdam.

In the following sections you will find useful information on various aspects of your learning and scientific activity, including how to plan your studies, an overview of two important platforms, PULS and Moodle, information on studying abroad, and how to prepare for your thesis. This list along with all other information is made for students and by students, but it is not binding or official information. All official information is to be found on the University website or under the Study Regulations. Information about going abroad during your studies is dependent on which level of program you are involved in and can thus be found in the specific sub-pages.


Studying at the Uni Potsdam

Find information for every student like explanations on PULS and Moodle.

Living in and around Potsdam

Find information for first semester and international students.


Find information on the bachelor program like course of studies and staying abroad.

Master and PhD

Find information on the master und PhD programs like course of studies and staying abroad.

Additional External Links