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Studying at the Uni Potsdam


Most of our offline courses and cognitive science labs as well as our SR room are located on the Golm campus, house 14.


The PUL system provides you with an overview of all courses offered. There you can enroll in your courses, see an overview of your grades and find all important documents like your enrollment certificate.

YouTube Video on PULS

PULS Website


All courses are supported by a virtual electronic learning environment called Moodle, where instructors provide students with general course information, recommended reading, assignments, tests, and course completion requirements.

Each electronic course in Moodle also has a forum where students can communicate with instructors, discuss assignments, and ask questions about the course and news.

At the beginning of your studies at the University of Potsdam, you will receive the username and password you need to access PULS, Moodle, and university email.

Moodle Website

Attendance and equality measures

- No attendance required: Regular attendance at UP is obligatory for passing a module or getting to participate in the (partial) module examination only under very specific exemptions. You can find an overview of all exemptions in the BA-MA-O §5a (2). These exemptions have to be formalized in the study and exam regulations of your program: if the module is not listed as a ‘research-oriented seminar’ in the study regulations, attendance is not obligatory – even if the seminar is conducted like a research-oriented seminar! The study board Cognitive Science – Embodied Cognition has come to the agreement that lecturers may expect and demand active participation in their classes in order to fulfill their teaching obligations. However, participation must not exclusively be expected in presence: lecturers must give the opportunity to hand in an assignment or participate in a discussion via Moodle, which is then considered active participation.
- Equality measures: If you are unable to participate adequately in offline teaching, for example because you have an attention deficit disorder or you take care of a child, you are entitled to equality measures. Support may be provided, for example, through a zoom link to an otherwise offline class. You can find information on equality measures here.