Organizational Structure

The organizational structure of the Potsdam Graduate School is regulated in its statutes. The organs of the Potsdam Graduate School are the Board of Directors, the Council, and the General Assembly of the Potsdam Graduate School. The board of directors is represented by a member of the university management.

Board of Directors of the Potsdam Graduate School


Prof. Dr. Heiko Möller
Chair for Analytical Chemistry

Deputy Speaker:

Prof. Dr. Linda Juang
Professor of Inclusive Education

Representative of
the university management:

Prof. Dr. Barbara Höhle
Vice President for Research, Junior Academics and Equal Opportunities


Council of the Potsdam Graduate School

PhD representatives:


Gülay Teke
University of Potsdam, Division Inclusion and Organizational Development

Max Bursche
University of Potsdam, MenschenRechtsZentrum

Postdoc representatives:

Dr. Patrick Arnold
University of Potsdam, Institute of Biochemistry and Biology

Dr. Dirk Schuster
Institute for Jewish Studies and Religious Studies, Focus on Christianity

Supervisors, coordinators and spokespersons of the graduate programs:


Tatjana Scheffler, PhD
Faculty of Human Sciences, Project Leader of the Graduate Program in Linguistics-SFB 1287 - Limits of Variability in Language; Substitute Professor for the Chair of Theoretical Computational Linguistics at the Department of Linguistics

Prof. Bodo Bookhagen
Faculty of Science, Institute of Earth and Environmental Sciences

General Assembly

The members of the Potsdam Graduate School form the General Assembly.