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02/2024 - Tomás Palazzo

Foto von Tomas Palazzo
Foto: Tomas Palazzo

Age: 22  |  Nationality: Argentinian

Your favorite spots in Potsdam/ Berlin / surroundings?
I must mention the area of Park Sanssouci, the amount and variety of trees is something astonishing. Because of it, I think it has been one of my favorite autumns.

The most surprising thing about Germany?
The culture of riding bikes is something really cool and the bike lanes make riding a bike really safe.

Tell us shortly in 3 sentences about your degree program. How did you get interested in your field of study?
I am a student of Data Science and I love this degree because it is a good combination of math and Computers. It has a lot of opportunities in Academia and Business. Overall, it is a science that has a lot of influence in society.

Is there anything special you miss from back home?
The worst part of doing this kind of trips is being far away from my family and friends, also I am missing my cat Grace. Furthermore, in Argentina there are more sunny days than here.

How do you keep a good work-life balance? Any advice for your fellow students
I like to imagine a good life-style as a table of 4 legs. Sleeping well, playing sports, eating healthy and being sociable. In my experience, it makes me feel more focused at the moment of studying.

What would you recommend students planning to come to study at UP before coming here?
If they are coming in the winter semester, they will need winter clothes and I would recommend getting a bike because it makes life easier.

Tell us how you experienced Potsdam / Berlin in autumn and winter.
One of my favorite autumns was here in Potsdam. The weather and the different colors of trees in The Park Sanssouci were really enjoyable to ride our bikes and read under trees.
On the other hand, winter was really special because it is related to Christmas Time. The ‘Weihnachtsmärkte’ (Christmas Markets) were everywhere and with snow you felt like a Christmas film. I want to emphasize that December in Argentina is summer time, so the weather is really warm on Christmas

Your future plans:
My plans here are to enjoy Germany as much as I can, get to know people from different parts of the world and try to have a decent level in German :)