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Media.UP and Pad.UP shutdown on 17.06.2024

We would like to remind you that the Media.UP and Pad.UP services will be switched off on 17.06.2024. Please ensure that you have saved or moved all relevant data by 16.06.2024.


For more information on the shutdown, please visit the following links:


Please also remember to move the “MEDIAL” and “Etherpad Lite” activities in your Moodle courses, as these will also be affected by the shutdown on 17.06.2024. ZIM can provide you with a list of affected videos per Moodle course. To do this, please send an email with the subject “MEDIAL videos in Moodle course” to zim-serviceuni-potsdamde and include

  • The requested platform (Moodle.UP, Exam.UP, Open.UP, Moodle-EFP)
  • The Moodle ID of the respective course

The Moodle ID can be found in the URL of the respective course. For the course the Moodle ID is 24832.



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