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Collaborative documents

OnlyOffice in Box.UP

For collaboration on Office documents, Box.UP has integrated OnlyOffice. Via the Box.UP web interface, it is possible to work on Office documents together with other members of the University of Potsdam. Via link sharing, this functionality is also available to people outside the university.

Logo von OnlyOffice

OnlyOffice in Box.UP

How you can use OnlyOffice in Box.UP


Pad.UP is a so-called "Etherpad". In Pad.UP you can create and work on simple text documents together with others. All changes are distributed in real time to all other contributors. The changes and the origin of the change are always traceable.

You make your created documents or pads easily available via web links that you send to others.

Pad.UP was realized by eLiS and is currently operated by ZIM. In the future it will be replaced by a collaborative document management in Box.UP.

Illustration zu Pad.UP

Pad.UP - online text editor

Work together on texts in real time