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File services


Box.UP synchronizes your files on all known operating systems, whether you use macOS, iOS, Android, Windows or Linux. Therefore, Box.UP also runs on all popular device types such as smartphones, tablets or PCs. The integration of OnlyOffice enables the joint editing of Office documents.

For more information and help, please visit the Box.UP pages.


With the Filebox, small working groups can use a shared working directory. Applicants can be professors, project leaders, work group leaders or similar. Subdirectories for individual user groups, e.g. project, secretariat, forms, etc. are created in this directory. The entire directory has a size of 700 GB. One filebox can be set up per person.

To apply for your filebox, please write to zim-serviceuni-potsdamde. There is no paper application.

If you reach the storage limit of 700GB with your filebox, please contact zim-serviceuni-potsdamde with the subject: Filebox enlargement. You can request an increase of the filebox storage based on the ZIM price catalog.