File services


Box.UP synchronizes your files on all known operating systems, whether you use macOS, iOS, Android, Windows or Linux. Therefore, Box.UP also runs on all popular device types such as smartphones, tablets or PCs.

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Filebox allows you to use a shared working directory for small workgroups. In this directory subdirectories are created for individual user groups, e.g. project, secretary, forms etc.. The entire directory has a size of 500 GB.


The FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is used to transfer files between computers on the Internet. An (anonymous) FTP server provides the resources in the form of file archives. On the central FTP server of the University of Potsdam ( an archive with freely available software (freeware, shareware) is operated.

Access to the FTP server:

Access to this computer is anonymous with the login name 'ftp' or 'anonymous'; your own e-mail address must be entered as the password.