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Tenure Track Programm (WISNA)

Tenure Track Programm (WISNA)

Funded by: VDI/VDE Innovation and Technology

Granted project volume: 11.332.320,00 € (for twelve granted professorships at UP, with two in the Faculty for Economics and Social Sciences)

Run-time: 01.12.2017 - 30.04.2027

Project theme:

The permanent establishment of the tenure-track professorship in the career and appointment system of the University of Potsdam as part of the university's development strategy and structural expansion, taking into account a better compatibility of family and career.

Project description:

The University of Potsdam (UP) offers young scientists a career and appointment system that allows for an academic career up to professorship, an activity in science management, as well as non-university career paths. The academic career is divided into the career phases doctorate, postdoc phase, tenure-track (TT) professorship and unlimited W2/W3 professorship. Since 2013, there has been a TT program at the UP for the early backfilling of structural professorships, with which a gradual advancement from a junior professorship to a fully endowed W2/W3 lifetime professorship is possible. It is a central component of the personnel development strategy and makes an important contribution to a successful appointment policy. The TT program is to be further expanded from internal funds and from the funds requested here. In addition to the sustainable implementation of the backfilling of professorships via the current TT program, which is financed from budgetary funds, the UP intends to expand the personnel structure by 12 professorships with the help of the funding from the federal-state program. With 8 of these professorships, established research areas will be supported and areas in high demand in teaching will be strengthened. With 4 additional "TT-Future Professorships", each of which will be assigned to a faculty, but thematically openly advertised, the UP wants to open up innovative research fields and sharpen its profile as an internationally competitive research university. The UP has reviewed its requirements for TT professorships as well as previous processes, criteria and benchmarks of TT evaluations and laid them down in the standards for the implementation of and the guidelines for quality assurance in TT procedures at the UP. In order to improve the compatibility of family and career, (TT) junior professors can apply for an extension of their employment by up to two years for each child in their care.