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-5th of April 2024
Mysterious object in the gap

Detection of a potential BHNS system, see press release.
The animations for this event have been done by our Ivan.


-1st of March 2024

Prof. Dr. Tim Dietrich takes up a W2 professorship for Theoretical Astrophysics at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. The certificate of appointment was presented on February 20 by Prof. Dr. Barbara Höhle, Vice President for Research, Academic Qualification Phase and Equal Opportunities at the University of Potsdam.


-1st of Feburaray 2024

We welcome our new Postdocs Anna Puecher and Dr. Henrique Gieg, they will work on our ERC SMArt Project.


-20th of December 2023
Studying neutron star mergers simultaneously

For this purpose, we and a international team have developed the Nuclear-physics and Multi-Messenger Astrophysics framework NMMA, a method to analyze most of the observable signals associated with neutron star mergers parallel. Read more at UP. Or directly at Nature Communcations.


-15th of July 2023
Beam me UP

#05, Prof. Dietrich explains double stars and neutron stars in a podcast. Hear it! . Sorry, only in German.


-13th of July 2023
PGzB 2022/2023 study prize

Our Anna Neuweiler was awarded from the Physikalische Gesellschaft zu Berlin with the study prize for the best Master degree in physics of the class of 2022/2023, congratulations.


-3rd of July 2023
Jacob Jacobi Prize and UP Graduate Award 2023

We proudly announce that the Jacob Jacobi Prize is awarded to our astrophysicist Henrik Rose, who will simultaneously receive the University of Potsdam's Graduate Award 2023 for his profound, detailed and independent research achievements.


-7th of June 2023
Prof. M. Ujevic

Maximiliano Ujevic from Federal University of ABC, Brazil is back for a 3 month research period in our group and the first who is funded from UP Reconnect via Return grant to strengthen our cooperation network. A interview will be published soon.


-14th of March 2023
UPAP Early Career Scientist Prize

Successful start into 2023, Prof. Dietrich received the IUPAP Early Career Scientist Prize for General Relativity and Gravitation for his essential contributions to developing gravitational-wave and electromagnetic models for binary neutron star systems and his important role and engagement within international scientific collaborations. Read more.

Furthermore, he also obtained a stipend from the Daimler and Benz Foundation and has been rewarded by academics.


-22th of November 2022
ERC Starting Grant

T. Dietrich receives a European Research Council (ERC) Starting Grant worth 1.5 million euros for his research project “SMArt” (“From Subatomic to Cosmic Scales: Simulating, Modelling, and Analyzing Binary Neutron Star Mergers”). Read more.


-1st of November 2022

#26 - Prof. Dr. Tim Dietrich: Of neutron stars and gravitational waves Hear more about.


-27th of October 2022
Portal Wissen - Two 2022  „Humans“

Gravitational waves had already been postulated by Albert Einstein in 1916. But he wasn’t sure: “If you ask me whether there are gravitational waves or not, I must answer that I do not know. But it is a highly interesting problem.” Tim Dietrich know: "We’re looking at objects in the universe that have to be described in terms of Einstein’s theory of relativity, especially compact objects like neutron stars and black holes.”Read more about.


-6th of October 2022
Golden Spike

Announced at a conference highlighting scientific research using HLRS's supercomputer, the awards recognized three outstanding projects. Our Winners of the 2022 Golden Spike Awards: Anna Neuweiler. Congratulations. Read more about.


-5th of July 2022
Nature Astronomy

Hypermodels help understand gravitational waves, see our newest publication in Nature Astronomy.
The innovative technique provides a proving ground for model development and a means to identify systematics in future gravitational-wave observations. Read more about.


-9th of June 2022
Nature - New insights into neutron stars matter

newest publication "Constraining neutron-star matter with microscopic and macroscopic collisions" is mentioned also at University of Potsdam webpage.


-12th of April 2022
Fascinating Universe – Humboldt Fellow Anuradha Samajdar on Analysis of Gravitational Waves

Since January 2022 Dr. Anuradha Samajdar has been a Humboldt Fellow in the Theoretical Astrophysics research group at the Institute of Physics and Astronomy. Read more...


-25th of March 2022
33 million CPU hours

The Theoretical Astrophysics group obtains new computational resources at the HLRN Supercomputers of about 33 million CPUhs, worth 1.25 Million Euro.


-9th of September 2021

Dietrich elected to DPG Advisory Board for the Gravitation and Relativity Association.


-29th of July 2021
Interview with mdr Radio

about "The tremor of spacetime: discovery of a new type of gravitational wave"
(only in german).


-1st of July 2021
Plans for the Einstein Telescope reach the next level

Einstein Telescope approved for ESFRIRoadmap 2021 .


-29th of June 2021
Black Hole eats Neutron Star

First Detections of Black Hole - Neutron Star Mergers, see the press release of the AEI.


-18th of May 2021
Inaugural lecture

On 16th of June Prof. Dietrich will hold his inaugural lectures at the Science faculty of the University of Potsdam.


-12th of May 2021
44.1 Million CPUhs granted

on SuperMUC_NG for the project 'Analyzing and Interpreting Compact Binary Mergers' .


-11th of May 2021
Nature Astronomy

Theoretical Astrophysics group supports analysis of the shortest long gamma-ray burst observed yet;
paper accepted in Nature Astronomy. 


-30th of April 2021
ET Science Study

Dietrich becomes one of the coordinators for the Nuclear Physics Division developing the  Einstein Telescope science case.


-24th of March 2021
New HPC Resources

The Theoretical Astrophysics group obtained new HPC allocation worth 650.000 € at HLRN.


- 17th of March 2021
Dietrich appointed Max Planck Fellow

Great opportunity to further strengthen the collaboration between the University of Potsdam and the Max Planck Institute through joint research.


- 11th of March 2021

Prof. Dr. T. Dietrich received a Heinz Maier-Leibnitz Prize from the German Research Foundation.


- 1st of March 2021
Released succcess story of the EU project BNSmergers.

Exploring neutron stars to reveal secrets of the universe.


- 18th of December 2020
Science publication

New study about the "Multi-messenger constraints on the neutron-star equation of state and the Hubble constant", lead by the Theoretical Astrophysics group, is published in Science and received national and international attention by public media.


- 1st of October 2020
LIGO co-chair

Tim Dietrich becomes LIGO co-chair of the extreme matter working group. 


- 17th of August 2020
Recent publication in Nature

"Measuring the Hubble constant with a sample of kilonovae"


- 16th of July 2020
Highlighted by the Gauss Center

"Our Binary Neutron Star Merger Simulation"