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Theoretical Astrophysics Group

In our group, we use high performance computing facilities to unravel the mysteries of the Universe. Due to the simulation of binary neutron star systems, we are able to constrain the behavior of matter at supranuclear densities and to estimate the expansion rate of the Universe. Our simulations are the fundament to develop new models to describe the gravitational wave signals released during the coalescence of compact binaries and to model electromagnetic signatures created during and after the collision of ultracompact neutron stars. 


1st of October 2020

LIGO co-chair

Tim Dietrich becomes LIGO co-chair of the extreme matter working group. 

17th of August 2020

Recent publication in Nature: 

"Measuring the Hubble constant with a sample of kilonovae"

16th of July 2020

Highlighted by the Gauss Center: 

"Our Binary Neutron Star Merger Simulation"