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Sustainability in society as well in the university including teaching, but also in our personal life, is crucial to our future and yet sometimes difficult to grasp. The term is often used but rarely brought to life. We want to bring it to life again and make it graspable for students of all disciplines.

Universities need to become more aware of their responsibility as trailblazers and in addition to established teaching, seek solutions for present and future problems, not only in research but also concretely with students, faculty and staff.

The goal of the project "Studium oecologicum" (short: Stud oec) is to supplement the teaching of the University of Potsdam with an independent, interdisciplinary module on sustainability - which we achieved in the summer term 2019! We want to sensitize students of all disciplines for sustainability in society and encourage them to act responsibly. The module introduces you to the modern sustainability debate within the three core areas of social / cultural, economic and environmental issues. Especially the connections between different areas are important to us. In addition, we want to promote cooperation between different people and disciplines so this module is not assigned to a specific field of study.

Instead, we want to open sustainability for all, making it possible to act responsibly in later professional life and train multipliers for society. We are not only concerned with theoretical content but also with critical examination of our own actions and our own scientific activity. Time and again, we also want to go into practice and implement and experience sustainability in our personal lives or at the university. Further information about us under action group.