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Competence network lernen:digital

Science and practice in dialogue

The lernen:digital Competence Network shapes the dialog between science and practice for the digital transformation of schools and teacher training. It consists of the four lernen:digital competence centers and the lernen:digital transfer office.

The lernen:digital Competence Network is funded by the European Union - NextGenerationEU and supported by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. The total funding volume amounts to 205 million euros.

The four competence centers combine expertise from around 200 transnational research and development projects in the fields of STEM, languages/society/economics, music/art/sport, and school development. In the competence centers, project networks work on evidence-based training and continuing education for teachers and multipliers, as well as on materials and concepts for school and classroom development in a culture of digitality. Universities across Germany are working together in the project networks.

A transfer office takes on an interface function in the lernen:digital competence network, guarantees the systematic dialog between science and practice, and is organized by four fields of action (networking, research, transfer, and science communication). It supports the four competence centers in their work and brings together scientific expertise. In addition, it conducts benefit-inspired research on transfer-relevant issues and implementation processes and networks participants with the state institutes for teacher education, the education administration and education policy. The transfer office is staffed by a multi-professional team of experts from the fields of educational science, didactics and computer science. A steering group is responsible for quality management and for ensuring the coherence of cooperation in the fields of action of the Transfer Office. The International Board accompanies the activities of the Transfer Office and enables the expansion of the national perspective by providing insights into successful examples from the international arena.

An advisory board consisting of representatives from academia, state institutes, educational practice, the BMBF, the KMK, and the states supports and advises the Lernen:digital Competence Network in its strategic orientation.

Important information on the topic of education in a culture of digitality, on the Lernen:digital competence network, on the Lernen:digital competence centers, the project networks and the Lernen:digital transfer office is available at

The administrative office coordinates the activities of the competence network Lernen:digital and supports the cooperation of the competence centers with the transfer office. It is located at the University of Potsdam, is available for inquiries about the competence network Lernen:digital and is happy to engage in exchange with you (