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Cooperation project DigiProMIN

Digitization-related and digitally supported professionalization of MIN (mathematics, computer science, natural sciences) teachers

Together, we develop research-based training modules for teachers in a network of nine universities and research institutions. We focus on the digitization-related and digitally supported training of teachers for future-oriented teaching in mathematics, computer science, and the natural sciences.

The project includes the development of appropriate training measures for the above-mentioned subjects as well as interdisciplinary teaching-learning approaches for the development of a coherent teaching program. In addition, the development and implementation of digital media in the further education of teachers with the use of virtual reality, simulations and online platforms will be investigated.

This will be complemented by a multidimensional transfer and implementation strategy:

The material transfer and implementation strategy aims to make the project results available as Open Educational Resources (OER) on existing platforms and to interlink and expand them.

The personal transfer and implementation strategy includes the integration of the developed modules into structured subject-specific or STEM-related advanced and continuing education programs of the participating countries and in co-constructively designed networks.

The systemic transfer and implementation strategy promotes the cooperative collaboration of multipliers and supraregional collaboration. In addition, instruments are being developed to assess the digital competencies of teachers and to provide knowledge that is relevant for management. This strategy is being tested in cooperation with the state institutes and quality institutions in the states of Bavaria, Brandenburg and Schleswig-Holstein.

Participating scientific institutions:

Free University of Berlin

Hasso Plattner Institute

Humboldt University Berlin

Leibniz Institute for Science and Mathematics Education

Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich

Dortmund University of Technology

Technical University of Munich

University of Hamburg

University of Potsdam

All important information about education in a culture of digitality can be found here.