Startup Speedmatching

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Founding companies is as diverse as the people behind them. Some start-up ideas can be successfully implemented with the skills of a single person. However, empirical experience shows that a start-up with a founding team develops much better. And one thing above all applies here: "The more heterogeneous, the better!

Are you looking for co-founders for your start-up, or would you like to contribute your know-how to a start-up? Then the Potsdam Startup-Speedmatching is exactly the right thing for you.


The reception will take place in Zoom. Afterwards, we switch to for matching and networking! Start-ups and potentials sit across from each other in a virtual room and have a total of 4 minutes to briefly present themselves to each other and ask questions ... until the gong sounds. Then there is the next chance. Afterwards, the evening will end with a get-together in the virtual space. Here you will also have the opportunity to meet and talk to various officials from the Potsdam startup ecosystem.

Portrait Ole Korn

Ole Korn

Startup Advisor


Campus Griebnitzsee
Potsdam Transfer - Start-up Service
August-Bebel-Straße 89, House 7
14482 Potsdam