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Founding companies is as diverse as the people behind them. Some start-up ideas can be successfully implemented with the skills of a single person. However, empirical experience shows that a start-up with a founding team develops much better. And one thing above all applies here: "The more heterogeneous, the better!

Are you looking for co-founders for your start-up, or would you like to contribute your know-how to a start-up? Then the Potsdam Startup-Speedmatching is exactly the right thing for you.

When: 06th of Mai 2021 | 5 pm - 7 pm
Where: Online via Zoom and (Requirement: Google Chrome Browser)
Registration: Possible until 30.04.21 (see below). Necessary to participate in the event! Register as a team, potential or guest.
Language: German


The reception will take place in Zoom. Afterwards, we switch to for matching and networking! Start-ups and potentials sit across from each other in a virtual room and have a total of 4 minutes to briefly present themselves to each other and ask questions ... until the gong sounds. Then there is the next chance. Afterwards, the evening will end with a get-together in the virtual space. Here you will also have the opportunity to meet and talk to various officials from the Potsdam startup ecosystem.


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Registration as a Team

Option 1:
You have already laid the foundations? Your idea is ready? The business model too? The only thing you're still missing is a suitable co-founder? Then register as a potential founding team.

Registration as a Potential

Option 2:
You don't like big hierarchies, have a hands-on mentality and would like to contribute your expertise to a start-up? Then register as "Potentials" to take part in the speed-matching session featuring our teams.

(A degree is not mandatory)

Registration as a Guest

Option 3:
Are you interested in the whole topic of "start-ups" and want to become more involved in the constantly growing community, but are still a little undecided? No problem! Simply register as a "guest" and enjoy the evening together with us during the cosy get-together.

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