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Membrane Active Antimicrobial Polymers
Image: MHartlieb

We are designing polymeric materials for the use in biomedical applications. In particularly , we are interested in antimicrobial polymers as they are a possible solution to the ever increasing issue of antimicrobial resistance. To create more efficient and selective materials, we are using various tool of polymer chemistry including RAFT-polymerization, ROMP, Cationic ring-opening polymerization, and supramolecular polymerization. We have a specific interest in how the polymeric architecture influences the biological activity of these biomaterials. ...more


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Membrane Active Antimicrobial Polymers
Image: MHartlieb



First Paper from the group published

First Paper from the group in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces based on an excellent master thesis by Sophie Laroque. We show the great potential of bottle brush architectures for antimicrobial polymers with increased selectivity for bacteria and how self-assembly can influence their activity. Thanks a lot to our cooperation partners at Fraunhofer IAP and Fraunhofer IZI-BB.

M. Hartlieb im Labor

Interview about Antimicrobial Polymers

Interview with Matthias Hartlieb highlighting the importance of research tackling antimicrobial resistance.

"Seit April 2019 forscht Dr. Matthias Hartlieb als Postdoc im Open-Topic-Programm der Universität Potsdam zu antimikrobiellen Polymeren – also chemischen Stoffen, die Mikroorganismen wie Bakterien zerstören und insbesondere im Gesundheitssektor gefragt sind. Unter dem gegenwärtigen Einfluss des Corona-Virus gewinnt seine Forschung besondere Relevanz, auch wenn bakterielle Erreger für ihn im Fokus stehen."... mehr