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Psychological Tests Library

Rules and regulations for loaning and use of psychological tests

As of 05.01.2016

1. Responsibilities and services of the Test Library

The Test Library is considered a support facility for research and teaching at the Department of Psychology.

2. Access to the Test Library

The Test Library is available to staff and registered students of the University of Potsdam and the Department of Psychology at the Free University of Berlin.

3. Loans of materials

3.1 Checkout policies

Student id and national identity card (or passport with address registration by citizen center) as well as a completed registration form must be presented at checkout.

Checkout and return of tests must be done in person. The tests must be handed out to and returned by the borrower and are checked for completeness upon return.

Tests from the library can be reserved by email. Reservation must be made at least a week in advance.

3.2 Loan period and extensions

The checkout period is one week. Provided the test in question has not been requested by someone else, it can be extended by phone or email. The checkout can be extended up to two times one week each.

Users will be notified two times via E-Mail when borrowed materials are overdue. If borrowed materials are not returned by the final deadline set in the second reminder, users will be excluded from access to the Test Library (i.e., they are not allowed to loan tests).

Users who repeatedly or severely break the rules and regulations for loaning and use of psychological tests (e.g., psychological tests are returned damaged or incomplete) will also be excluded from loaning tests from the Test Library.

Users who have been excluded from loaning tests may only view tests during the opening hours in the Test Library.

4. Due diligence and liability for damages

The tests are to be handled with care. Writing in them, underlining or marking them are prohibited.

Test materials (e.g., enclosed questionnaires or evaluation forms) are for viewing purposes only and must not be filled out or used otherwise.

In case of full or partial loss of test materials or severe damage to them, the tests or the missing parts of the tests will be replaced. The user responsible for the loss or damage will be billed for the costs of replacement.

Tests are subject to the copyright which must be respected by the user.

Users are liable for all negative implications that result from breaking the rules and regulations of the Test Library or misuse and unlawful use of test materials. The University of Potsdam is exempt from all claims from third parties caused by misuse and unlawful use of test materials.

5. Limitation of use and transfer to third parties

Tests are only to be used for university research and for teaching purposes. The use of tests for commercial purposes and in the context of a paid or unpaid function outside the university (e.g., internship) is prohibited.

Borrowed tests may not be passed on to third parties and may not be made available to the public (e.g., on the internet).