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Chair of Differential Psychology and Psychological Assessment


New research articles:

  • Büchner, A., Ewert, C., Hoffmann, C. F. A., Schröder-Abé, M., & Horstmann, K. T. (2024, February 15). On the importance of being clear about the level of analysis of interest: An illustration using the case of self-compassion. Journal of
  • Ewert, C., Büchner, A., & Schröder-Abé, M. (2024).The mediating role of stress processing in the relation of self-compassion and affective well-being: Evidence from two longitudinal studies. Mindfulness.
  • Jung, J., Rentzsch, K., & Schröder-Abé, M. (2024). The development and correlated change of narcissism and self-esteem in adulthood. European Journal of Personality, 38(1), 85-98.