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Chair of Differential Psychology and Psychological Assessment

Aspasia Papchiou

Position: PhD Student

Academic Degrees:M.Sc. Psychology (2013, University of Edinburgh) | B.Sc. Psychology (2010, University of Kreta)

Research Interests

  • Romantic relationships and family systems
  • Adult attachment
  • Social interpersonal behavior
  • Emotion perception accuracy and regulation of emotion
  • Personality and mental disorders among patients with Multiple Sclerosis (MS)


Scientific Papers

  • Kafetsios, K., Andriopoulos, P., & Papachiou, A. (2014). Relationship status moderates avoidant attachment differences in positive emotion decoding accuracy. Personal Relationships, 21(2), 191-205. doi: 10.1111/pere.12026

Conference Presentations

  • Kafetsios, K., Papachiou, A., Karaolanis, S., & Serediova, M. (2016). Cultural identity, emotion, and achievement motivations: A cross-gender comparison. International Web-based Conference of Entrepreneurship in Turbulent Times, University of Crete, Chania, Crete, Greece, August 2016
  • Kafetsios, K. & Papachiou, A. (2012). Attachment orientation and relationship status effects on emotion perception. Biennial conference of the International Association of Relationships Research, University of Illinois, Chicago, July 2012
  • Papachiou, A. (2010, April). Working Attachment Models, the Interpersonal Framework, and the Ability to Perceive Positive and Negative Emotions. Supervisor: Kafetsios, K. 2nd National Convention of Students' Psychology Research "New Steps in the Science of Psychology", Department of Psychology, city of Thessalonica, April 2010. Main Speaker
  • Triliva, S., Bursten, K., & Papachiou, A., (2009, May). Interventions in the Community: An open group of discussion and mutual assistance. Symposium: Qualitative Approaches to the Treatment of Psychosocial Problems. 12th National Convention of Psychology Research "The contribution of psychology research to contemporary society", city of Volos, May 2009. Main speaker